A collection of misc information to help restorers of Frisky Cars
This collection of information has been given to the Frisky Register from time to time use it at your own risk  If you can add advice or information to this , or find info listed that may no longer be correct please let me know so I can correct it. 

Section 1   -     FriskySport    Villiers 3T SFR 
(Coupe overlaps this and Section 2 Family Three info)

Steering wheel as Reliant Regal, (check splines fit)
Steering bushes (F3) Silentblock     E1072
Steering box as Austin A40 Mk 1 & 2

Lights / Electrics

Head lights Early Splits had 7” Wipac head lights backed by White rubber build up molding. 

Headlight bowl painted RAL 7005 Industrial Grey  to suit 7 inch Wipac small bowl
Light unit   7" Twin WIPAC Light/Lens/Headlamp/Lamp RHD W15 5W 7368 118/7uk Classic/Fog/Head

      Later  cars fitted with   7” Lucas as Mini ,reliant, A35 etc., type Lucas L700 
      (Try Morris Minor/mini dealers)

Light switch             Light switch Wipac   Should have four positions  CO - Off - L - H  and a white knob. 

                A similar Wipac switch is part no 026291.  Its similar but this has only three positions S – off – H                                                                        and requires a separate dip switch 

Wipac Headlight rim     As  BSA Norton Triumph 7" Wipac headlamp rim SO925  
try www.jkhirst.co.uk  01274 480388

Flasher unit   1958  35012A,  1959/60 35024A Lucas

Electronic Flasher Unit – This is an electronic device with an electric pulsating output
for automotive use with a rated voltage of 12V – 10W to 200W – 4 pin base configuration
with bulb failure warning Part Number MT20-012540  It is important that the flasher unit
used should flash one bulb only, most modern units flash three bulbs! 

Indicator switch As Early Mk1 Scootacar both short and long stems were used.( rare)
If you discover the make  -- please let me know, any clues????

Wiper Switch Original supplied with the PMG wiper unit. For switch try 
: http://www.oldtimerteile.net/showgroup.php?page=17&id=8_BMW-Isetta---Elektrik
                          parts no 7-599 switch  The Knob on this one is white originals were black.

Indicator lights Side fixing, just behind the doors,  Wipac “D shaped, round fronted” amber lights

Number plate light Sparto (similar to Lucas) Takes 3 Bulbs only center one required

Stop tail lights        Wipac “D shaped” flat fronted  with horizontal bulb combined Stop/tail light.
(vertical bulb as per BSA Bantam rear D light not correct)

Indicator lights (side mounted rear of door), and stop and tail lights fitted only on Sports
(and a couple of early Coupes) were Wipac pattern [ series 146 dual filament] 
with the tail of the bulb going  horizontaly into the body work.
Current reproductions [type S4466 &S4467] are Flat back “BSA Bantam type”
with a vertical bulb and do not fit 

Horn push Horn Push (side dash)   model HP19 76205D
HF1849  part no 70141B lucas
located under off side top of dash near door pillar

                       Vehicle wiring products, stock the small horn push button , ref no. 48575

Keys Have a look on http://www.messerschmitt.nl/home.html

Warning Lights Wipac type Blue Head Light
(Deep set lens) Green Neutral 
Red Ignition
Amber Reverse
                       These warning  lights were used in 1960’s Volvos as an oil pressure warning light

Dash warning bulbs   lucas LLB281 Ba7s 12v 2W warning / panel light bulb 
  The dash lamp bulbs are 12v 2w.  They are still readily available in
the UK.  Look on ebay Auto Electrical Spares:  

Ignition system       black box as Messerschmitt 

Ignition key unit, Reversible type  push in  to operate reverse, 
(as Nobel, Bond etc) (for Siba Dynastart)
Coils These small coils are used on many British classic bikes 
and are readily available. If you search on E-Bay for 
'      Classic motorcycle coil 12v' then you will find some.

Wiper Motor IWF 0145 series motor original PMG Thorpe Ltd Yealdon Yorks 
Only one blade is fitted, that being on the drivers side

WindscreenWiper (1) Adjustable wiper arm  7.2mm
Top hat spline drive bobbin, 6mm ID
Wiper Blade  11” x 7.2mm
Overall working length 13.5 inches
Ring Derek at Telescopic trading 01225 766800
(See suppliers section for address)

Windscreen wiper (2) “thin” spindle as on early mini, small hole
Dave , 02380 813074  wiper blades & motors

Speedos 2.5inch Smiths Clockwise sweep 10 to 80 mph
1590  gear box drive

Battery A standard car battery is too wide, needs a narrow battery, 
13cm wide x 22cm long x 20cm high to top of terminals. 
Try ride on mower battery from garden machine dealer.

NOTE Any taller battery on the Sport can be shorted out 
by the hood frame when put down, check carefully!

Brakes & Wheels

General comment -     The Sport rear hubs were a mass produced item off the shelf in 1958.
but the brake linings were an odd size because MIRA upon testing the brakes
said they were excessive so they cut down the lining area to reduce the friction

Wheels Made by Rubery Owen, 10inch as Bond Mk G, and  Lightburn Zeta 

Drums Lockheed Hydraulic 7 inch

Rear Drums for Sport were a mass produced item available at the time 
(not yet identified) 

(Tip -Google "Hale Brake Drums " and don't click on UK only you will find 
there is a trailer manufacture which sounded a good lead but not in this country.)

Shoes rear – Lockheed 29728 M11

  Front LB 3067 DC 202,  Rear 3068 DC 202
Also Mintex MRL2  compares with LB68 (info off an empty Mintex brake pads box) 

Brake linings Mintex M11   & 2 x 1.25"  friction lining area 50.6 sq inches

Bleed screws BMC part 3H 2428  

Pedals mark 1 mini clutch and brake rubbers fit the frisky pedals

Brake Cylinder Sport rear has a single brake cylinder on off side only, 
Lockheed HDA9 33910/C 7/8” bore sliding type incorporating the hand brake, 
pattern replacement (3/4” bore)available from Oldbury Morris Minor center
0121 544 5522 ref RBK106A

Front Cylinders Front Brake cylinders as pre 1962 Morris Minor

Brake cylinder Replacement parts Mini Mk1  KL71535

Cylinders Lockheed Front 35000 RH , 35001 LH kit KL71496
Rear 34577  LH & RH kitKL71506
(Morris Minor 1958 Series)

Master Cylinder Lockheed 95292 (kitKL71571)also 91622 (3872) 3/4" fits with brakehose BH120  

Best bet as Wolseley 1500, Part No 95415 lockheed same as Scootacar
  (Try http://www.powertrackbrakes.co.uk/parts.htm)
Hand brake F3 Mk2. try Ford popular 100/107E 1958

Tyres Original  Goodyear All Weather
Size 4.40 x 10
 (Do not fit Mini tyres !! there is not enough room under the wheel arches for the wheels to turn / steer)

          . Try excelsior tyres 4.40 x 10   506642 CE2 K1  white wall 
These are slightly smaller in diameter compared to the Trelleborg ones. 
The surface looks a little more round, rather than the flat Trelleborg. 
Clearance between tyre and body is much improved.

Available new Swedish-Trelleborg T690 4.40-10 (google for it)
Try Tony Etheridge Tyres  01923 231699
Goggomobile use this tyre.
The Bond also used the same wheels  etc  Try their Club
Michelin 4.40 x 10 original
Front 19psi  rear 17psi

Hub Caps Chrome The same hubcaps were fitted to Bond MkG  .Nobel 200. Lightburn Zeta. 
They were made by Arden Continental Car Acc Co ltd Birmingham  Tel 01217064254

Wheel Trims & Spinners     from Arden, Originals had 45 slots,
                                           Grant Kearny has had a batch made complete with the Spinners

Front suspension       The Dubonnet type was made specially for FriskySport 
(and also used later in F3-Mk2) and is not as far as I know used in any other car.

Suspension units try Davmac Spares Ltd of Nottingham (Tel 0115970 3222)   
also As the shock absorbers were also used on motorcycles of the time, 
You could try Hagon Shocks (http://www.hagon-shocks.co.uk/) 
for shock absorbers they provide very good service.  
They seem to understand old machines and were very good at changing bushes etc. 
to suit what is wanted, even with out a part number to work with.  
If you have an Armstrong part number that would
make it a whole lot easier (please let me know  JM)

Steering Ball joints    The steering ball joints, are non adjustable and as far as I can discover, 
were specially made for the F3 , no substitutes yet found. -----sorry!

Chassis Body mounting bolts on top of rear outriggers are set at 62cm centers.

Rear Axle  
Main bearings 2 off  bearing  type XLS2 modern equivalent XLJ2 
approx  os dia 85mm  in dia 50mm (2inches) try on line

Rear sprocket 42 teeth  sprocket  with the Villiers 3T

Chain Case            lubrication   Tip-  Drill a ?” hole in the top of the rear guard (The C’section)
so that you can spray chain lube onto the chain without disconnecting 
the gaiter. Use a blanking rubber grommet to seal  the hole.

Dash Board

Speedo  Smiths  SN 3103 / 7 1530  2.5 inch  ( also used in Reliant) 

                                 0 to 80 clockwise sweep 

                               Austin 7 speedo / cable fits some models ( yellow line at 30mph)

Body work & windows

Front windscreen- as Reliant Sabra Sports Car
Now available via the Frisky Register

Windsreen rubber try www.coh-baines.co.uk, 
click catalogue go to page 82 & 83

Door Handles Reliant  Van rear doors
Early mini and also Peel P50’s
Inside 3.75” long
Exterior 3” long
Locks  3 1/2 x 2”

                                  Try www.europaspares.com/BRIGHTWORK/HANDLES_and_LOCKS/                                         part no BSDHL (keyed)  BSDHS (no key)

Bumpers UK Sports only had over riders either side of the number plate front
and rear, no bumpers. Some export LHD Sports (only) had Bumpers 
etc as the Frisky Coupe pictures in some export 
sales literature show this (no overiders)

Over riders Frisky Sport  as per 1955 Ford popular,
Try  www.smallfordspares.co.uk  E49A-17996-B  upright pattern

Body mountings Same as Ford Escort body Mountings No 76038
(But you will need new bolts to fit the Ford thread, not a problem)
try www.smallfordspares.co.uk   Y-6038 - engine mount

Bolt heads on rear out riggers chrome with domed top as they are on view   
Fuel tap Replacement corks can be found at www.silverfoxtractorspares.co  
also on ebay as Fuel tap cork seat   ebayer  silverfox8408

Fuel tank neck rubber 56mm outside diameter  48mm internal from Paul Beck at small Ford Spares  

Paint colours Not Sport but as listed in 1961 Frisky Prince press release 
Frisky Red, EP7064,             Pale Blue, EP7072,  White EP3233,  
Primrose pale EP3480,   Yellow Bright EP7003

Paint Green        The green of the original batch of split rear Frisky Sports was called 
“TURK GREEN” (modern equivalent may be RAL  6034 Pastel turquoise 
or 6027 turkish green , but this is yet to be confirmed)

(RAL  Siegburger Strabe 39 53757 Sankt Augustin Germany)
email RAL-Colours@RAL.de     www.RAL-Colours.de

Seat material For Grey FS  try  0500687, KB BLM/K/RP, Colour code 
Grey 7453, Design Stag, stock item / prod code 0583 5,
  Width 1320mm
Seat recovering see contact section

Floor covering Original was Hardura (?) a hard vinyl type backed with horse hair

Door Hinges (note they are handed) were used on cab doors of buses coaches etc 
but no longer available new. But you can get replacement ball bolt and spring 
that are normally enough to rebuild worn hinges 
Try David Jones [davidjones@Carlyleplc.co.uk] www.carlylepic.co.uk

Parts 43.025 pin 51mm, 43.006 pin 58mm, 43.005  ball, 43.009 lock tab,  
43.011 spring, 43.0101 nut

Rear Hood retainers 2 off As 1958 MGA try The MGB Hive 
Marshalls Bank,Parson Drove,Wisbech,Cambs.PE13 4JE 01945 700500 
Also Austin Healy 100 – a Wilmot Bredon part

Body plate/number     Not used on Sport,( on Family 3 only)

Chassis No stamped direct on to the Mounting bracket upright face 
for the NS radius Arm, next to engine., 
normally under several layers of paint , tread carefully!  ,

Rear Grill mesh theonlineshop09  on ebay  Aluminium Racing grill mesh lightweight

EngineVilliers   3T-SFR S = self starter  F  = + Fan cooled  R = + reverse  

Engine sprockets 18 tooth Gives extra 5 / 10 mph  (24teeth on my 3T)
16 tooth Standard

Final drive 16 tooth     stamped e10637 

Clutch basket 43  tooth

Rear axle ? TBA
Air Cleaner Early Sport Oblong as A30 / 35
Others round as Villiers industrial engines,
try lawn mower repair shops

Exaust box size 9" x 7" x 3.5"
(original with center bolt could be dismantled for cleaning)

Spark Plugs Champion  L81

Petrol tap ENOTS 14D (two way, incorporates main / off / reserve) 
can be obtained from the Isetta Owners Club as they remanufactured them
(Check before purchase the main body is similar but not the operating lever 
but I believe they can be made to do a job if not totally identical) 
For spare parts, corks etc try David Tadman at www.bromleybubble.com

Drive Chain 428 Chain ??  from m/c shop The final drive chain is a 1/2"/13mm pitch 
and has 84 links.  Info from the 1959 Reynolds chain catalogue

         Villiers 3T   325  1957/58   P  110038  60   R  110046  84

Excelsior      244   1959/60    P  114038  70    R  110046  86

 Info of my Sport's Chain  

Length            (excluding the joining link)     44.5 inches 
No of links       (excluding the joining link)      87
Marking on chain      RK  428

Drive chain gaiter      LOCKHEED J6698 J(E)4   Limited quantity remade  contact FR

Lubricating Oils        Chaincase oils must be Straight (SAE). 
Synthetics, Semi Synthetic or Hypoids must not be used 
Hypoid damages clutches.
  Use SAE30 in the gearbox and SAE 20 in the chaincase but 
since availability is getting more difficult SAE 30 can be used in both.

Petroil  -  Petrol / oil ratios 

History Circa 1958 / 1960’s
Original 3T engine books state – using petrol and SAE30 oil

16 to 1 Running in first 500miles
20 to 1 there after

Meadows Frisky Sport manual says
20 to 1 Running in
24 to 1 thereafter

Alt if using premix oil
16 to 1

Advise from Villiers Services Wolverhampton   www.villiersservices.co.uk/index.htm
Villiers Services say
All the old recommendations are now well out of touch due to the advance in oils available
Forget SAE30 as a mixer
They use a “Good quality” standard two stroke oil, suitable for use where the 
oil and petrol are premixed in the tank prior to use 
[Do not use oils designed  for  automatic oil injection systems, as on modern engines,
where there is a possibility of the oil separating out later in the tank ]

Mix at a ratio of between 25 to 1 and 35 to 1., [say around 30 to 1]

They run Villiers  2T and 3T powered bikes at this level with no trouble and have stretched
it as far as 60 to1 in an extreme case with no seizing 
The use of fully synthetic 2 stroke oil will stop “blue smoke”

You use this information at your own risk. –
monitor the results to identify the best ratio for your engine, 
Feed back would be useful please for other owners to benefit from.


FriskySport   script name badge originally made by J Fray Ltd BS1004 – 1236
(now out of business)
A small batch have been produced in April 2011 and may still be
                        available contact me for details

Villiers 3T   Cyl head bolts  Torque  220lb/inch, 18lb / ft, 25NM

Useful Contacts

Hub caps  etc Arden Continental Car Accessory Co Ltd
427 Warwick Road
West Midlands
B11 2JU
Paul Hipwell  0121 706 5471
Manufacturers of hub caps, rim trims, headlight rims. 

All things Villiers Villiers Services  
No.3 Merry Hill,
Quarry Bank
West Midlands 
DY5 1SD 
P: 01384 265797 F: 01384 76

Plating Prestige Plating, Mexborough, Doncaster, South Yorks
Tel 01709 577004

Brakes Power Track  Windsor  01753  842680
Mostly all classic brake parts

Lockheed Past Parts Bury St Edmunds

Control cables Venhill Cables Dorking 
New from old pattern try reported as brilliant service.

Engine Mounts www.smallford spares.co.uk tel 01692 650455
Part No YE6038  Ford Prefect engine mounts £11 each   

Roof Interior www.frost.co.uk
  They supply a range of flocking kits Try   

Soda Blasting Classic Soda Blasting
Paul Clayton
4 Pinfold Lane
NG34 0NB

01529 240003/ 07761 997776

Seats Recovering Rhona Bell 01702 201676 or  micro000s@hotmail.com  
                a fellow microcar enthusiast & Recommended by other Frisky owners.

Door Furniture       www.europaspares.com/BRIGHTWORK/HANDLES_and_LOCKS/  

Windsreen rubber     www.coh-baines.co.uk, click catalogue go to page 82 & 83

Windscreens          Now available from The Frisky Register

Wipac spares Help!!!! suppliers wanted

Wiperblades/motors     Try Dave , 02380 813074  

Wiper parts & Telescopics   Telescopic Trading   Derek   01225 766800
202 Chantry Gardens     Southwick
Trowbridge  Wiltshire BA14 9QX

As I said this is a collection of information passed on to me over the years by 
Frisky restorers who thought their info may be of use, to those of you  about to
 “tread the Frisky  path”.

My thanks on behalf of Frisky owners every where go to….

Martin Keane, Gordon Higglet, Rodney Bishop, Brian Shaw
Malcolm Thomas Keith Dennison Grant Kearney  Ray Dilks
Richard Dolding Gary Wiedner          Jon Pelling Tony Searle
Hans Bodewes Malcolm Dudley Mark Green Malcolm McKay

 (and I apologise to all the others I am bound to have missed out!)

H J Meadows
April 2013

This is updated from time to time, current versions are available from the Frisky Register