The Frisky Family Three

On the 17th October 1958, Autocar announced that a three-wheel version of the FriskySport was under development, with the intention to market it only in the British Isles, but that this new car was not going to be exhibited at the Earls Court Motor Show. They got the first bit right but not the second as to the surprise of the motor trade Frisky Cars Ltd launched the Frisky Family Three at that show.

A 1958 publicity shot of the Frisky Family Three


The Family Three was a three-wheel car maintaining the same style as the FriskySport but using a new saloon body shell sourced from two suppliers. The majority of 1959 Family Three's cars had the body whose doors stopped short of the front wheel arch with a raised mould line running beneath the doors onto the rear panel. However, some cars were produced using the smooth-sided body, no mould line and doors that reached the front wheel arches. The latter body was used for the four-wheel Frisky Coupe.


The High door, ribbed body 


The low door smooth body

Unlike the Wipac equipped FriskySport the Family Three now had Lucas electrics, the indicator lights were re-located in front of the doors to give them protection from the rear hung doors. The Lucas dash had a revised lay out, the glove pockets on either side being moulded into the facia. The bench seat now had a degree of adjustment and quarter bumpers without over riders were fitted.


The new Lucas Dash Layout  


Dash and control details

The Dubonnet type front suspension on the Sport's tubular ladder chassis was replaced by a single wishbone front suspension with combined coil spring and hydraulic damper. A similar coil spring and sealed hydraulic shock absorber unit also looking after the single rear wheel suspension. The new front suspension unfortunately gave problems and later on the Mark 2 Family Three reverted back to the Dubonnet type.


 The new Strut front Suspension 


The Chassis derived fron the FriskySport

The cars were powered by a Villiers 9E single cylinder engine, reverse being achieved with a Dynastart unit. This engine, which was the go-carting engine of choice at that time,gave it a character all of its own. Being three wheeled and not having a "real" reverse gear meant it could be driven on a motor bike licence making it popular with motorcyclists whose girl friends preferred drier transport!


Staying dry and comfortable


Villiers 197cc of fun

Production of the Family three started in October 1958 cars became available from January 1959.


A Mark 2 version was developed and the first Mk 2 Family Three YUK 66 was registered in May 1959 


Production of the original Family Three continued until July 1959 when due to financial problems Frisky Cars Ltd went into liquidation. Because of these problems The Mk2 Family Three, all though ready, did not go into production until January 1960 under FriskyCars (1959) Ltd


Mr C. J. Wright a Wolverhampton businessman with garage and haulage interests, bought the stock, jigs, tools, fixtures and fittings, along with the rights to manufacture and the trade name of Frisky from the Official Receiver. 


In August 1959, a new company was formed, Frisky Cars (1959) Ltd, who announced that production of the Frisky Family Three would re-commence in September at the Meadows Fallings Park works.