The Frisky Register

The Meadows Frisky was built at Henry Meadows Ltd Fallings Park Wolverhampton, a company founded in 1920 by my Grandfather to manufacture engines and gearboxes for many of the great cars of the day such as Lagonda, Lea Francis, HRG, Invicta, Fraser Nash etc.


I started The Frisky Register in 1978 to find fellow owners of these cars who could help me restore my own FriskySport. Over the next 30 years, with the help of good friends, it developed into much more than that. 

The Frisky Register is not a club and there are no fees involved.

It exists today to encourage and help with the preservation and restoration of these unique little cars. Over the years it has pulled together a vast amount of information "Frisky", not just, technical, but also historical, including sales literature and owners manuals and lots more.


I have been very lucky in getting excellent feed back from those restoring their cars, passing on their experiences so others may benefit.  


All this is freely available to any "Frisky" owner or enthusiast, where ever in the world they are, and with only 75 cars (across all models) known to survive, they are a pretty rare bunch themselves!


John Meadows

The Frisky Register  
Penteyn Park
NP25 4SP

Tel.   01600 715832