The Grand Frisky Line Up

At the 36th National Microcar Rally Malvern September 2011


This picture was taken at The National Microcar Rally held at Burford in the 1970s, it shows what at that time was the largest line up of Frisky cars seen together since production ceased in the 1960s.

1970s Burford Rally


Roll on 30 years and the 36th National Microcar Rally was due in September 2010 at Malvern My good friends Ray Dilks and Grant Kearney both themselves Frisky owners, issued a challenge to get more than a dozen Friskys to attend the forthcoming Rally in September to form a historic, and probably never to be repeated, Grand Frisky Line Up. It was a tall order, considering only 75 cars are known to exist worldwide.

 A rare Frisky Coupe


Everyone said "you'll never do it", and I must admit I had my doubts, but how wrong was I! Frisky owners are made of sterner stuff. Their Friskys were transported huge distances from all over the country just to be there on the day in the never to be repeated Grand Frisky Line Up.

Thirteen Friskys Line up


All conditions were represented from basket cases, part-completed projects to fully restored cars. One was even being actively restored on-site by the recently sanctified Grant Kearney with the aid of his "Bin-A Lift" and a couple of helpful angels! 

Just a minor adjustment!


The last time more than two got together was 30 years ago at Burford and that was also the last time the Gull Wing buck was on display. With the Friskys desirability soaring, it will become more and more difficult to repeat, already one-third of the 75 remaining cars have gone abroad.

John Meadows with the Gull Wing Buck


Frisky owners talking to other Frisky owners, being able to inspect each other's cars, and comparing notes, unheard of, but oh so beneficial, and everyone agreed, much better than talking to "Bludy Medus*" who never shuts up about them! (*A title inherited from my father, but that's another story)

1958 Early FriskySport in  very original condition


  The real surprise was the "Spirit of the National" Cup which was presented to me, I'm not usually speechless, but I was then! The real credit goes to those who made the effort and brought along their Friskys, I accepted it on their behalf.

The Spirit of the National Cup      


Thanks, for attending, must also go, to Keith Peckmore, (Gordon Bedson's right-hand man) he was the Meadows design engineer who built the prototypes and Mark Stone whose father Henry Stone as MD of Frisky Cars Ltd was responsible for The Sprint, The Coupe and the Family Three launched to much acclaim at the 1958 Earls Court Show. It was a rare privilege to be able to meet and talk to such people and made the day

Charlotte and her Mk2 Family Three

Oldest known surviving Family Three

A beautifully restored Family Three

Almost There!!

A rare virtually completed Mk2 Family Three

1959 Family Three